I hadn’t planned on starting a cosmetics company. But sitting in a hair salon in Rome a few years ago, I made a discovery. The receptionist said: “Per sotto, per farli combaciare,” meaning: “For the hair down there…to make it match.” I knew there were no specialized products like this in America.

Pure Fiji is passionate about maintaining extensive measures to ensure that its products are ecologically friendly and support the environment that sustains the business. We make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint, and where appropriate, enhance Fiji’s unique ecosystem.

We hope Every Dog Has His Day Spa. That is our goal – for every dog to be bathed with a great bath product that is not only wonderful for the dog’s hair or fur, but also has practical benefits and is good for the environment. These aromatherapy bath products combine the rejuvenating experience of visiting a spa with the practical soothing and healing benefits of essential oils.

Mia Richardson, president of the company joined forces with Robert Mishkin to design, manufacture, and sell truly exceptional spa bedding. Mia is a 15-year veteran of the spa industry who in the five years prior to founding Comphy was a spa director at Semiahmoo Resort. Robert was the cofounder of The RobeWorks, a company noted for its innovative design and products. Contact us for pricing»»

Cold… the analgesic powers of healing ice can be obtained by simply freezing the packs. Allow the healing properties of ice to reduce pain and swelling without drugs or messy alternatives. Hot… microwave your pack to help with aches and pains. The healing properties of heat will increase blood flow to the area and help relax the muscles. This promotes healing and pain relief.

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