Revive and replenish your skin with our soothing skin treatments.


Pure Fiji Dilo Skin Rescue Wrap

This refreshing treatment is for those with sunburns, skin irritations or dull, dry skin. Exotic Dilo Nut Oil is used and is high in vitamins A, B, C and E, and caliphylic acid. It is combined with soothing aloe and essential oils. Great for any time of the year as a moisturizing treatment or to cool, heal and repair over-exposed skin.

45 minutes/$95

Pure Fiji Sugar Glow

The ultimate healthy glow! Combined with various exotic nut oils and fresh Fijian cane sugar. This treatment exfoliates, cleans and hydrates skin with vitamins A, B, C and E. The sugar is massaged into the skin with coconut mil, eliminating dull skin and revealing new, healthy skin. It will also strengthen elasticity and replenish moisture.

60 minutes/$125

Pure Fiji Island Wrap

A gentle brush exfoliation helps stimulate circulation and open pores. Enjoy a relaxing massage with exotic oils high in vitamins A, B, C and E, leaving the skin nourished and replenished. Complete the treatment with warm stones, a scalp and hair treatment with exotic oils.

60 minutes/$125

Pure Fiji Royal Coconut Milk and Honey Ritual

This royal treatment indulges all of your senses with this ultimate relaxing island ritual. Organic cane sugar, Fijian honey, coconut milk and exotic nut oils are combined to exfoliate, hydrate and renew the skin’s moisture balance, leaving the body with an island glow.

90 minutes/$200

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